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Disaster Assistance – FEMA


Do you need help from the devastating storm and flooding that occurred December 17-21, 2023.

FEMA Office –   Monday – Saturday – 9 am to 5 pm
Manchester Fire Department
37 Readfield Road
Manchester, ME

Disaster Unemployment – DUA -1-800-593-7660 – Due by March 4, 2024
FEMA Registration – Due by April 1, 2024

Clink on the links below for more information.

Kennebec County EMA Press Release
Disaster Assistance Registration Flyer
FEMA Funding Can Assist Everyone Who is Eligible
Daily Fact Sheet 015
Start your Recovery Process

Additional information for your review

Media Advisory
Daily Fact Sheet – 016
Prevent Mold from Becoming a Secondary D
Daily Fact Sheet – 017
News Release – 2-27-2024
Daily Fact Sheet – 018
Daily Fact Sheet – 019
Reminder to Use FEMA for Assistance
News Release 2-28-2024

Maine Recovery Well Under Way 
Manchester Office March

FEMA Disaster Assistance Provides for Basic Needs
Daily Fact Sheet – 021
NR 022 – Why it’s Important for Individuals to Submit an SBA loan Application.
Daily Fact Sheet – 022
DR-4754-ME FS 009 Group Flood Insurance Policy
Daily Fact Sheet 025
NR 023 – Three Weeks Left to Apply for FEMA Assistance
DR 4754 The Truth About FEMA Assistance
DR-4754-ME FS 010 – Myths vs Facts Regarding FEMA Disaster Assistance
DR-4754-ME FS 011 – How Public Assistance is Different than Individual Assistance
DR-4754-ME Daily Fact Sheet 027

March 18 – 20, 2024 

DR-4754 – NR 024 Disaster Recovery Centers Announce Closing Dates
DR-4754 ME FS012 How to Appeal FEMAs Decision
DR-4754 ME Weekly Fact Sheet 001
DR-4754 ME Appealing FEMA’s Decision

March 25, 2024

DR-475-ME NR 025 Disaster Recovery Center Re-opening in Manchester
DR-475-ME NR  026 FEMA Seeking Local Hires to Help Maine Recover
DR-475-ME NR 027 – Deadline to Apply from December Storm is April 1st – Remaining Centers to Close

March 26, 2024 

DR-4754-ME Weekly Fact Sheet 002
DR-4754-ME 028 – Keep in Touch with FEMA