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Certificates, Licenses & Permits

Purchasing Certificates, Licenses. & Burn Permits

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You may purchase the following during regular business hours:

  • Marriage License: $40.00  Due to processing time; you will need to come in no less than 30 minutes before closing time to complete.  Forms to fill out are in the link below.  Printing and pre-filling will help processing time.  DO NOT sign anything until you are in the office.
    Marriage Intention Forms
  • 1st Certified Birth Certificate: $15.00 | Additional Certified Copy $6.00 ea
  • 1st Certified Marriage Certificate: $15.00 | Additional Certified Copy $6.00 ea
  • 1st Certified Death Certificate: $15.00 | Additional Certified Copy $6.00 ea
  • Burial Permit: $20.00
  • Non-Certified Copy of a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate: $6.00

PLEASE NOTE: A Picture ID is required for all checks, credit card & debit card transactions. Also, please be advised that our system is set up to automatically debit a 2.5% “portal fee” charge with a minimum charge of $1.00 for all charge/debit transactions.